Welcome! My daily prayer is to encourage, empower, inspire and be the light that God created me to be.


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Introducing Evolution of the Black Woman the podcast! Join me on March 1st for an exciting new venture aimed to help each other navigate through life.


Its easy to get tired when things don't go as fast as you think they should. Be sure to wait on God. His timing will never fail.

When you're ready to quit you're focusing on the wrong thing.

It's so easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life. The hardest part is making the conscious decision to press through by focusing on the goal.


When God speaks to me I have to write it down! In college there were many areas that I struggled in. Every time I needed something no matter if it was a sense of direction, a smile, peace... ANYTHING God would speak to me in a way that encouraged me and made me understand my situation. The first step to doing is believing that you can. Words of encouragement have helped me to pull through when times get hard and stay focused during life twists and turns. Hopefully here you will find something that helps you like it helped me. 



Believing you can do something is 90% of the battle, putting your faith into action is the other 10%. Lets jumpstart your faith and start taking the first steps together!



Evolution of the Black Woman


Evolution of the Black Woman is a new podcast launching March 1st! This is a social and educational space for everyone to learn from each other.