Here I Am...


Everyone always starts off by saying that writing about themselves is always the most awkward part... well because it is. Anyway, My name is Marna Owens, I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Transitioning into college was a rough experience, let me tell you! At that time in my life I was struggling in many areas from school, to family, to my relationship with God and everywhere else in between. In those times in order to keep my sanity I wrote... a lot. I wrote down my prayers, my questions, my cries and eventually my writing turned into me relentlessly seeking the presents of God. Not too much later that turned into a the relationship that kept me sane and kept me afloat.

Although I grew up in church, I lacked that genuine relationship. I served in many areas of the church from working in the children's ministry to being a worship leader but for me church became a job, and I was just going through the motions. It wasn't until I set out on my own that I harvested the seeds that had been sown in me years prior. Through writing God has allowed me to see him for who he truly is. My goal is to share the light that He has been for me and to be a vessel for Him to shine through. I hope that you will learn with me and I pray that you will see His light through me.