When you're ready to quit, you're focusing on the wrong thing.

My family is a family of workers so needless to say I've been working from the age of 13. I've done may things from babysitting, to community outreach, to research and I respected the work I did. For me, the best thing about working those jobs were the people that I worked with. I found that for me, no matter how daunting the work itself could get, if I could get along with the people I worked with I would be golden! Eventually I got the humbling experience to be a deli clerk at a grocery store. Initially everything was fine because no matter how cranky the customers got my co-workers and I were always able to laugh it off together and go on about our day. Well, the question you may ask is, what happens when all the people you like leave and you're left with the ones that really aren't your favorite? Well needless to say I got a chance to find out. After a few weeks of cranky customers and cranky co-workers I wanted to find a new job. To me, good company is everything and when my peace is disturbed so am I. Everyday I found a new reason why I should quit. Then me and God had to have a long conversation because my attitude needed to be checked. Eventually I realized that my job wasn't to get along with my co-workers (even though that was a plus). My job was to give the community quality service and be the light in someones day even if it was just through a smile. My job was to put my best foot forward despite the adversity in my way. 

Serve with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
— Ephesians6:7 NLT

Obviously I was focused on the wrong things. I was too busy taking on other people attitudes that I no longer focused on my own. I had to change my perception of the people around me. Now I'm going to be honest, it took me some time to completely adjust my way of thinking. I had to pray before I went into work, while I was at work and thank God after my shift was over that I made it through the day but, in the end it made a world of a difference. One of my prayers has always been to be a light in the dark places but in order to do that once you're in that darkness you can't let the dark winds of night blow out your light. The light that you have is needed to help someone else shine as well. And like candles once one is lit we have the capability to light one another.